Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lilys / Big Troubles - split 7"

We are beyond excited to bring you the latest Speakertree release - a split 7" between two of our absolute favorite shoegaze/dream-pop artists past and present - Lilys and Big Troubles.  This one has been YEARS in the making...

Kurt Heasley's music is often as mercurial as his whereabouts, but Lilys have always been two or three steps ahead of the musical curve.  They nail it again with their first recorded song in over 6 years, the expansive "Well Traveled Is Protest."  Kurt describes his current style as "a Fela Kuti rocketship vibe" and we have to agree.  This is an incredible pop song unlike anything we have ever heard!

New Jersey natives, Big Troubles, have been making sweeping pop songs for several years now with their last LP on Slumberland Romantic Comedy being one of the better records of 2011.  "Comb My Hair" is the B side of the 7" and has a late night burn that, after a few listens, becomes indelible.

Pre-order below ($5.00 + $2.50 shipping in the US....*for shipping outside of US email blair.amberly (at)

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