Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Ar-Kaics

Introducing "She Does Those Things To Me" the debut 7" from Richmond, VA's The Ar-Kaics! Out now on speakertree records.

Patty, Kevin, and Johnny make troglodyte, teenbeat garage-punk with enough primitive grit to rival your favorite pebbles, nuggets, and back-from-the-gravers.  Their debut single unleashes two essential scorchers into the wild.

"She Does Those Things to Me" delivers a catchy 4-chord foundation before pummeling you with buzzsawing guitars, pounding drums, and a full-on throaty wail.  B-sider "Don't Need Your Love" is just as catchy, coated in lo-fi snarl with enough sentimentality and twang to really mean it. 

Listen below to "She Does Those Things To Me" and order here.  Now shipping!


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